Carrying on the tradition of locally grown, product is what we do best.

We take pride in our old fashion values while evolving with today's technology.
At Signature Mushrooms, we are pleased to serve Alberta and the surrounding provinces with top quality products and services that our customers can rely on.

We truly believe that practice makes perfect.
With over 100 years of combined growing experience, our team's extensive knowledge is why we thrive in today's industry.

Alongside our rich history, Signature Mushrooms strives to maintain a modern edge.
We keep up with the recent market trends and aim to provide our customers with new and innovative products.

We've gone Organic!  
As of summer 2015, our facility has been fully certified to provide Canadians with fresh, organically farmed products. 

Who we are

Check out the history of the Signature Mushroom farm in Ardrossan, Alberta, and the mushrooms we grow.

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Discover our products

Our pride and joy at Signature Mushrooms is our Portabella mushrooms but we also grown and sell a variety of other products.  

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Cooking with mushrooms

Mushrooms are high in nutrients, low in fat and and can compliment any dish.  Learn some simple ways to add mushrooms to your next meal.

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