At Signature Mushrooms we grow top quality products 
that our customers can depend on.


Signature Mushrooms is situated on 100 acres in Strathcona County's growing community of Ardrossan, Alberta. The mushroom farm has been owned by Signature Mushrooms since 2014, but was originally built in 1974 and has been successfully operating ever since.

At Signature Mushrooms, we grow three varieties of mushrooms including: white mushrooms, crimini (brown mushrooms), and Portabella mushrooms. Currently, we supply Portabella mushrooms which are sold across all 4 Western provinces, and have been credited with being one of the finest Portabella producers in North America. We set the standard for top quality mushrooms that our customers can depend on!

We also receive tremendous feedback from our customers on our exclusive Signature Mushrooms seasoning packs. These seasoning packs are sold alongside our white sliced mushrooms and come in 4 diverse flavours.

Being one of the only two mushroom farms in Alberta, we are a smaller mushroom farm but with great growing potential. With just over 40 employees, we are able to boast over 100 years of growing experience in the industry! The success of the business is largely driven by our dedicated staff and in 2013, we proudly recognized 13 of our employees for over 25 years of service. 

We're excited to be a part of the Localize Program and proud to be open and transparent about where our mushrooms are grown, who grew them and how we do it! 

More about the Localize Program
Amidst the rise of the ‘farm-to-table movement’, Localize realized something was missing – the retail shelf. Frustrated by the lack of information available in-store, they created a quick and easy way for shoppers to get the food facts that matter most while they do their everyday shopping.

Through smartphone-enabled grocery shelf tags and unique ‘Localize scores’ that rank how local a product is on a scale of 0 to 10, shoppers are provided with a wealth of information including the including the who, what, where and how behind the products they buy. Scanning the quick response (QR) code on a Localize label with your smart phone lets you dive in deeper and connect to the back story behind the food business. 


Signature Mushroom Fast Facts:

Owner: Terry Uppal
Signature Mushrooms founded: 2014
Farm founded: 1974
Location: Ardrossan, Alberta
What we grow: White, Crimini & Portabella mushrooms
Our speciality: Portabella mushrooms

Recent updates:

April 2015: Spotlight on Signature Mushrooms